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Reiki is amazing.

The word reiki literally means "Universal Life Energy".


The intelligent thing about i-Reiki is that whatever the problem is, i-Reiki energy goes where it is needed the most to do the greatest good. With i-Reiki you can heal your body, mind and spirit.

I have been healing people with i-Reiki since 2011 and after completing my 3rd Degree in Reiki I'm qualified as a Reiki Master but ....


I am just a conduit of energy - you are your master.



Your Mind

The mind is probably the most important part of your anatomy. Having a healthy mind is essential to your wellbeing, especially during these testing times. Mental illness is on the rise and the right support can be very hard to find. i-Reiki can calm and focus which ultimately will provide you clarity going forward, Many people believe "if you think it, it will be". i-Reiki can help.

Your Body

The body is a complicated and marvellous machine and like all other machines, they require energy to work. i-Reiki provides energy to where your body needs it most. Whether it's an injury, an illness, an organ, a particular body system or health conditions, i-Reiki energy can only help your body. It does not interfere with any existing treatments or medications; it only enhances and improves your body's ability to heal.

Your Spirit


The spirit and how spiritual you should be is a very personal question. Whether you wish to achieve a higher state of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment or just a better awareness of yourself and your world, Reiki can help this energy flow better. From your Root Chakra to your Crown Chakra, energy flows and i-Reiki can remove blocks and improve the flow of energy to help you reach your goals.



Third Eye


Distance Healing

i-Reiki is not limited by time or space, so you do not have to be physically present to receive healing, allowing sessions to be conducted from anywhere to anyone and the results are quite incredible. The effects of distance healing are virtually no different than hands-on healing.


In Person Healing

1-to-1 i-Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch with the practitioner's hands placed or hovering on a series of locations on the body or specific parts to deliver energy and improve the flow and balance of the recipient’s energy to support the healing process.




Vimal has been practicing reiki healing with both my son and myself since knowing him. His healing hands have not only calmed and soothed my son when distressed from being poorly but he has also done this using distance healing techniques. As someone who was skeptical and had no understanding I have seen and experienced the benefits of Reiki first hand. A genuinely keen and passionate practitioner of reiki, keen to help and support others and bring their energy levels into a place of equilibrium. Vimal follows and applies the reiki principles in his practice to boost the well being of his clients. Always at hand to help, whether this is in the form of healing physically, mentally or emotionally. Absolutely brilliant!!!





We are based in the UK. Reiki can travel the world.




Monday - Sunday

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