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Forgiveness • Part 1

You are the Supreme Lord, to be worshiped by every living being. Thus I fall down to offer You my respectful obeisances and ask Your mercy. As a father tolerates the impudence of his son, a friend the impertinence of a friend, or a husband the familiarity of his wife, please tolerate the wrongs I may have done You.

तस्मात्प्रणम्य प्रणिधाय कायं प्रसादये त्वामहमीशमीड्यम् । पितेव पुत्रस्य सखेव सख्यु: प्रिय: प्रियायार्हसि देव सोढुम् ॥ ४४ ॥

tasmāt praṇamya praṇidhāya kāyaṁ prasādaye tvām aham īśam īḍyam piteva putrasya sakheva sakhyuḥ priyaḥ priyāyārhasi deva soḍhum

Synonyms tasmāt — therefore; praṇamya — offering obeisances; praṇidhāya — laying down; kāyam — the body; prasādaye — to beg mercy; tvām — unto You; aham — I; īśam — unto the Supreme Lord; īḍyam — worshipable; pitā iva — like a father; putrasya — with a son; sakhā iva — like a friend; sakhyuḥ — with a friend; priyaḥ — a lover; priyāyāḥ — with the dearmost; arhasi — You should; deva — my Lord; soḍhum — tolerate.

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