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Discrimination • Part 2

Those whose minds are established in sameness and equanimity have already conquered the conditions of birth and death. They are flawless like Brahman, and thus they are already situated in Brahman.

इहैव तैर्जित: सर्गो येषां साम्ये स्थितं मन: । निर्दोषं हि समं ब्रह्म तस्माद्‍ब्रह्मणि ते स्थिता: ॥ १९ ॥

ihaiva tair jitaḥ sargo yeṣāṁ sāmye sthitaṁ manaḥ nirdoṣaṁ hi samaṁ brahma tasmād brahmaṇi te sthitāḥ

Synonyms iha — in this life; eva — certainly; taiḥ — by them; jitaḥ — conquered; sargaḥ — birth and death; yeṣām — whose; sāmye— in equanimity; sthitam — situated; manaḥ — mind; nirdoṣam — flawless; hi — certainly; samam — in equanimity; brahma — like the Supreme; tasmāt — therefore; brahmaṇi — in the Supreme; te — they; sthitāḥ — are situated.

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