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Choose between Remote healing or an intense personal healing session. Either form of i-Reiki does not interfere with any existing treatments and both forms of i-Reiki deliver amazing results. 


Yes, even pets can receive and benefit from i-Reiki healing. With a similar Chakra system to humans, the effects of i-Reiki can really help with behavioural, physical and health issues for your pet.


Arrange a corporate day for employees to receive i-Reiki within the office environment. Companies can contribute to the sessions if desired. Employee wellbeing is of paramount importance.


Book a free 15min telephone call to introduce ourselves and discuss how i-Reiki can help. Call can take place normally or via an application depending on your location. During this call we will help you understand what i-Reiki can do for you and also answer any questions you may have. Nothing to lose but lots to gain.



Get powerful i-Reiki healing from a distance in the comfort of your own home. Remote i-Reiki is just as effective as a 1-to-1 healing. We can send i-Reiki that clears, balances and resets your energy while you relax in your own space.


Whether it's to gain direction and clarity in relationships, business, personal issues or simply to heal your body, i-Reiki will give you the energy you need.


1-to-1 HEALING

An intense i-Reiki healing session in person. Similar to a traditional massage but without the need for touching the body,  i-Reiki is delivered directly to you wherever you desire.


The session last for 60 minutes that includes brief consultations to identify any requirements and findings from the Reiki master.

£100 is a deposit for the session - appointment time will be agreed but travel expenses will need to be calculated and paid before the appointment



Recent times have had a huge impact on the mental and physical state of the workforce. Book a day for your employees to receive i-Reiki within the workplace to improve their wellbeing. All we need is a small office or room to privately conduct the i-Reiki sessions. Each day we can accommodate 8 employees and companies can pay or contribute for the sessions should they wish.

Improving the wellbeing of your employees not only shows your employees that you care but it also improves performance.



Yes, Pets can benefit from Reiki too. Similar to humans, animals also have a Chakra system that can be balanced. We believe the effect of Reiki can really help with health and behavioural issues for any pets and animals you may own. Reiki can be given remotely to start the healing process and improve the flow of energy in Animals. In fact as there is a communication barrier between animals and humans Reiki can give energy where it is needed without the need for communication or direction.



We offer i-Reiki for you to improve you physically, mentally and spiritually. Start your journey to a better you today. Our services have helped many people deal with long standing issues, current ailments and desired goals. Now's the time to act by booking a session to kick start the healing process.

5 Principles of Reiki

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not get angry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will give gratitude for my many blessings.

Just for today I will be kind to every living thing.

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